PIMSER Printables

These resources were provided by the University of Kentucky Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education Reform (PIMSER).
Posted January 2008

For more information: https://pimser.eku.edu/  

One-to-One Math

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  • One-to-One Math was developed to help teachers, parents and para-professionals, community members, etc. work with students on math facts and critical concepts.

    It is based on the beliefs that:

    • All students can and should learn math.
    • If children like math and feel successful at math, they will learn math.
      • For children to like math, it must be fun! Students like to play games, so One-to-One Math is a game-based program.
      • For children to feel successful at math they must be successful. One-to-One Math starts students with concepts they can quickly master and then builds on that success.
    • Students need to go through three stages as they learn math:
      1. concrete or manipulative,
      2. mental or representational,
      3. abstract or symbolic

Below are the printable number and computation resources for elementary grades from One-to-One Math.

Addition and Subtraction

Base Ten Material

Benchmark 5 and 10


Multiplication and Division

Number Capture

Number Cards

Area Perimeter

Dot Cards

Fraction Wheels Templates

Hundreds Charts

Linear Measurement

Money Grids

Number Lines

Place Value

Ten Frames


Pages to Be Laminated

Power Points

Math Signs

Name Tags and Badges

Pretests Checklists


Triangle Cards - Addition and Subtraction

Triangle Cards - Multiplication and Division