Math Tools

Arrow Cards

  • Arrow cards for building numbers up to 7 digits with commas - document  
  • Arrow cards for building numbers up to 7 digits without commas - document  

Bead Racks

Coin Models

  • Coin models for students who are unitary thinkers and initially need extra support for understanding that a single coin can represent several pennies - document  

Compass and Straightedge

  • Printable compass and straightedge construction instructions - website  

Dot Cards

  • 100 printable, structured dots for developing place value concepts - document  
  • The first page of ten-long dot strips with frames, with all possible partitions of ten, and the second page of solid ten-long strips can be cut apart and used covered or uncovered for counting and arithmetic that reinforces conceptual place value - document  


  • Online graph paper - website  
  • Print free graph paper - website  
  • This site helps students create their own graphs and charts. This online tool can be used to make 5 kinds of charts and graphs: bar graphs, line graphs, area graphs, XY, and pie charts (grades 3-8) - website  

Graphic Organizers

  • Presented by Houghton Mifflin Education Place. A variety of graphic organizers available for teachers to use in their classroom (Venn Diagrams, T-chart, KWL Chart and many more) - website  

Hundreds Charts

Five Frame Flash Cards

  • Class-size set of five frame flash cards for developing automaticity with basic facts - document  
    Print on cardstock. A blank frame is also provided that may be used as a mat for all students to show what they see (by moving counters into the frame). One color with empty frames represents parts contained within 5 and two colors represents partitions and combinations to five.  Allow pre-numerate students to initially count the dots and then advance the challenge by flashing the frames to encourage internalization and quantitative reasoning. (These are strategies learned through the Math Recovery teacher development program  ).

Ten Frame Flash Cards

  • Class-size set of ten frame flash cards for developing automaticity with basic facts, including pair-wise and five-wise representations - document  
    Print on cardstock. One color with empty frames represents parts contained within 10 and two colors represents partitions and combinations to 10.  Once students have internalized the structures to 5, further challenge students by flashing the ten frames to extend their quantitative reasoning and to develop higher level mental math strategies.  Track group understanding by having students place counters into an empty frame (provided on the last page), showing the quantities in different ways on a bead rack  , and/or by writing equations.  Flash two or more frames to strengthen understand of place value and to further develop advanced mental computation, which may be used in conjunction with longer/larger bead racks. (These are strategies learned through the Math Recovery teacher development program  ).

Fractional Rulers

  • Set of adjustable fraction rulers can be resized, printed, and folded for different denominators and can then be used to mark linear measurements for comparing, converting, or computing with fractions - document  

Number Patterns

  • Template for writing number sequences supports the development of number words and numerals for application with mental computation - document  
    The flexibility of teacher choice for number range and intervals allows for ease of differentiation.

Numeral Spinner

  • Printable numeral spinner bases with a variety of formats and numerals - document  
    For use with a see-through spinner overlay or a paper clip held by a pencil point at the center.

Numeral Track

  • Instructions for making a numeral track with doors to open and close and interchangeable (free printable) numeral strips - document  

Pattern Blocks

Structured Numberless Line

  • Structured numberless line that can be printed, cut and connected for developing mental math strategies - document  

Tools from Other Sources

  • DreamBox Learning Teacher Tools - website  
    DreamBox Learning offers teachers free virtual manipulatives that can be used in large- or small-group instructional settings. You can use these math tools — ten frames, math racks, and other innovative tools — with your interactive white board or projector to make math lessons clear for your whole class, or even on your computer for smaller groups.
  • Math Tools from the Math Forum - website  
    A math tools project from the Math Forum.
  • Printables from SEN Teacher - website  
    Free customizable printables from SEN Teacher, including number cards, number grid puzzles, and arrow cards.
  • Printables from Donna Young - website  
    This website from Donna Young includes free printables for Math Paper, Coordinate Grids, Hundreds Chart Puzzles, Clocks, Play Money and Fraction Manipulatives.
  • Nets for 3-D Shapes - website  
    The Dynamic Paper application allows you to create images of nets for 3-D shapes, tessellations of polygons, number grids with any number of rows, columns, and integers, spinners with various numbers of sectors, and more! You can then create a PDF worksheet with the images you choose, or you can export the images to JPEG format for use in other applications or on the web. Check it out!
  • Nets for 3-D Shapes - website  
    This generator prints a selection of nets for the construction of common 3-D shapes. Cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, regular pyramid, octahedron, rhomboid, tetrahedron, pentagonal prism and pyramid are included.
  • Printable Manipulatives - website  
    Printable manipulatives such as pattern blocks and graph paper.
  • Mathematics Blackline (grades preK-9) - website  
    Masters for handouts on topics ranging from number sense topics to geometry, and it includes handouts for measurement and dot paper!
  • Math Forum (grades K-12) - website  
    This site has tools, interactives, and lesson plans for all grades.  The site allows you to browse by subject, resource type, and technology type.
  • Math Activities from Texas Instruments - website  
    Choose from activities in your mathematics subject area and TI graphing calculator.