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KCM does the most relevant, important PD I have attended in 22 years of teaching. My teaching practice improves every time I attend a PLE. Always relevant and timely. There are a wealth of resources that will continue to give well beyond. I appreciate the discourse and connection with peers. This [PLE] changes the way I look at things.

Teachers are at the core of learning. Let the KCM help you help your students! Our KCM expert-developed courses for math educators are informative, interactive, and focus on creating a safe and supportive environment for our learners. Below are the KCM's courses for the 2024-2025 school year. Find the course(s) that best suit you and register soon! Course sizes are limited and will close when full, so don’t miss out!

Courses and Opportunities Open for Registration

*NEW* Kentucky Mathematics Coach Collegial Support (K-12)

Are you a K-12 Kentucky mathematics coach? Then this network is for you! Connect with instructional coaches throughout the Commonwealth as we explore coaching resources and discuss ways to support teachers in their pedagogy and content knowledge grounded in the Kentucky Academic Standards.

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Family Math: Empowering Parents as Partners (K-6)

Imagine a school where parents are true partners in mathematical learning. Now learn how to make that vision a reality. This course will empower you to host an AMAZING Family Math Night at your school. You even get to choose from a KCM-approved list of materials to use at your Family Math Night.

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KCM Fluency Assessments (K-5)

Do you struggle to assess your students in their mathematical fluency? Join KCM as we share our Fluency Assessments with you. Gain a powerful tool that will transform your understanding of your students.

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Kentucky Math Interventionist Collegial Support

The KCM is proud to support Kentucky Math Interventionists! This collegial learning and support opportunity is open to all Kentucky K-8 math intervention teachers who want to grow as professionals and share their knowledge, successes and struggles with fellow math intervention teachers.

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Kentucky Math Teacher Leaders (K-12)

Are you eager to grow your skills in leadership, mathematics content, and pedagogy? Learn how you could join a passionate cadre of classroom teachers who are making changes in their classrooms, buildings, and districts!

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Math Explorations in Fractions (3 & 4-5)

Do your students struggle to make sense of fractions and fraction operations? Manipulatives and rich tasks provide students with the tools and experiences to see fractions as numbers and make sense of fraction operations. Join the KCM in a deep dive into fractions that will change how you think about and teach fractions!

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Understanding Place Value: Structuring Numbers to 1,000 (1-4)

Have you tried everything to help your students add and subtract within 1,000? Let's add a deep understanding of structuring number to your teacher toolbox. The power of place value will transform your students' understanding!

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Courses and Opportunities - Closed for Registration
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*NEW* Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics (4-8)

Want to learn more about what procedural and conceptual fluency look like for students in grades 4-8? Join us to examine what fluency is (and what it isn't) and explore how to teach and assess reasoning strategies critical for developing fluency.

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Creating Cultures of Schoolwide Mathematical Sense-Making (K-12)

Join us for a learning opportunity that allows educators to share ideas for a schoolwide culture of learning. Each session is held within a school so participants can observe students engaging in problem-centered math lessons in a host teacher’s classroom.

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Math Fact Fluency (1-5)

Imagine a classroom where students are engaged in meaningful and purposeful game play. This is the course for you! Join the KCM as we explore math fact fluency and receive ready-to-use games to engage your students to meet this goal. You will walk away with the resources you need to transform your classroom.

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