Professional Learning

The most amazing aspect of being affiliated with KCM was actually seeing the impact on students. Students who once started out with a negative attitude towards math gained confidence to persevere.

KCM Philosophy

KCM offers many professional learning opportunities throughout the year. Our professional learning opportunities are not only consistently evaluated and improved but also informed by research and hands-on experience, through which we have learned that:

  • A coherent mathematic experience based on sense-making, problem solving, and student-centered pedagogy is important for all students. KCM data shows that a coherent mathematical learning experience across grade levels is particularly impactful for students that struggle in mathematics.
  • Both proficiency growth rates and novice reduction rates are higher at schools where teachers exhibit effective application of the Mathematics Teaching Practices (MTPs) which are promoted by KCM professional learning experiences.
  • Schools that have multiple teachers across grade levels who have participated in professional learning experiences from the KCM demonstrate significantly greater growth in proficiency rates when compared to state averages.

Through participating in these development courses, you will build relationships among other participants and increase your leadership capacity. An added plus- you can feel safe knowing that all of our courses align with the KAS for Mathematics content and practice standards and support school compliance with Kentucky’s statutes.

We hope that you join us for enjoyable and truly helpful mathematic professional learning opportunities!

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