PIMSER Printables 

Below are One-to-One Mathematics printable number and computation resources for elementary grades. These resources were provided by the University of Kentucky Partnership for Mathematics and Science Education Reform (PIMSER). Posted January 2008

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University of Kentucky
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Addition and Subtraction
Adding 9 and 8 Cards

Adding 9 and 8 Strategies

Addition Chart

Addition Checklist - 0 to 10

Addition Tic-Tac-Toe

Addition War

Double Ten Frame

Doubles and Near Doubles Cards

Missing Number Cards with Directions

Missing Part Blank

Missing Part Using 10

More or Less Dice,  0 1 2

One-Two More Dice - No Numbers

One-Two More Dice

Part part whole2

Rules for Addition Bingo +0 +1 +2

Sample Addition and Subtraction Problems Task Cards

Sample Addition and Subtraction Problems

Subtraction War

Subtraction Tic-Tac-Toe

Ten Less Than Chart

Ten More Than Chart

Understanding Addition and Subtraction

Using 10 as a Bridge

Bingo Cards
Excel Files for Creating Bingos
Base Ten Material
Benchmark 5 and 10
Multiplication and Division
Number Capture
Number Cards
EXCEL and Spinners
Area Perimeter
Dot Cards
Fraction Wheels Templates
Hundreds Charts
Linear Measurement
Money Grids
Number Lines
Place Value
Ten Frames
Pages to Be Laminated
Power Points
Math Signs
Name Tags and Badges
Pretests Checklists
Print Package
Triangle Cards - Addition and Subtraction
Triangle Cards - Multiplication and Division