Websites for purchasing manipulatives

“The use of manipulatives enhances concept formation when both the concrete and the connecting stages are fully understood before moving to the abstract. Many concrete and virtual manipulatives are available to support the teaching of an array of concepts from number sense through algebra. Here you will find general information about manipulatives as well as instructions for the use of specific materials.” This site offers manipulatives relevant for elementary grades, algebra, and geometry. link

“Hands-On Equations is algebra for elementary and middle school students. Hands-On Equations gives students a concrete representation of the symbols and processes utilized in solving algebra problems. The symbols are represented by game pieces and a representation of a balance scale. The processes are represented by physical actions upon these pieces. As the algebra problems are solved students are actually seeing, touching and moving the pieces." link

Website for Geometry Lab Classroom manipulatives kits. link


Websites for printing free manipulatives

The website provides users with a pattern to print to make their own Algebra manipulatives. link

These websites provide users with patterns to print manipulatives relevant to fractions. link and link


Virtual Manipulatives

Find virtual spinners and die on this page. You can ‘throw the die’ 1000 times and tabulate the results. link
Posted March 19, 2010

This is a great website for online manipulatives covering fractions, decimals, functions, algebraic equations and more. link
Posted March 16, 2010

This website provides users with virtual manipulatives. While not every activity at this website could be considered a virtual manipulative there are some useful ones which include topics typically found in grades 3 -5 and include the addition and subtraction of negative numbers. link


NCTM's promotion of the use of manipulatives

Click here to read what Nancy Berkas and Cyntha Pattison wrote for the NCTM News Bulletin in 2007 about the use of