Good News 2016 

Ludlow High School Embraces Algebra I Lesson Study PLE The KCM (Kentucky Center for Mathematics) is excited to announce a recent, groundbreaking PLE (professional learning experience) targeting the ninth grade Algebra I classroom!   Published October 2016


A quick Google search relates “Fields” to land that is ready for growth. Stephanie Fields, Goal Clarity Coach at Noe Middle School in Jefferson County, has a story (and a last name!) that is full of just that—exciting growth that she has embraced to the fullest.   Published May 2016


Record Number of Educators Respond to "Call to Action!" The 2016 KCM Conference The KCM hosted its eighth annual conference on March 7 & 8, 2016, in Lexington, Kentucky. The theme of the conference, "Call to Action!", emboldened attendees to passionately engage with the mathematics education community in an effort to work together in ensuring the success of all students   Published March 2016


Get SMART! How a Collaborative Institute Brought Math & Literature Together What do math, literacy, and Kentucky universities have in common? They're all SMART!   Published February 2016


Outstanding Teacher Leader: Chrystal Rowland Meet KCM Community Member Chrystal Rowland—Author, Mathematics Intervention Teacher Leader, Master Coach, and state leader.   Published January 2016