Good News 2012 
Enhancing Early Math Skills to Achieve Long Term Success: Because early mathematics instruction is absolutely critical to Kentucky’s future, the KCM has partnered with the Erikson Institute to provide high quality professional development for Kentucky preschool teachers. Published October 28, 2012

Improving Mathematics Achievement among Next Generation Learners: 2011-2012 highlights of the KCM’s statewide work in making significant strides to improve the mathematical proficiency of all Kentuckians Published October 8, 2012

Rekenreks to the Rescue: The mathematics intervention teacher in Estill County provides leadership for a project that is getting kindergarten students off to the right start in developing strong numeracy skills. Published July 9, 2012

New Ways of Thinking about Math: “New ways of thinking about math” have enhanced teacher knowledge in mathematics assessment and instruction, leading to increasing student achievement. Published June 18, 2012

The Madison County Add+Vantage: Mathematics Intervention Teacher Leaders in Madison County are receiving attention for leading PD that is transforming how elementary teachers teach math. Published May 16, 2012

Mathematics Intervention Teachers Just Have to Share: A Spencer County Mathematics Intervention Teacher with astonishing student data speaks out: MITs "just have to share" [their experience and knowledge for developing numeracy]! Published May 18, 2012

Early Mathematics Intervention is Making a Difference: Kindergarten students who receive intervention from a KCM trained Mathematics Intervention Teacher have made outstanding improvements that are, on average, greater than the typical growth a Kindergarten student would make in one year. Published April 12, 2012

KCM Conference Participants Improving Mathemcatical Practice: Participants at the 2012 KCM Conference were able to share and expand their knowledge and understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Published April 20, 2012

KCM Programs in National Spotlight: The KCM's collaborative efforts to meet the needs of students at all levels is receiving national attention. Published February 21, 2012

Kentucky's Mathematics Achievement Fund Supports Students, Families, and Teachers: Under the leadership of Mathematics Intervention Teacher Traci Brown, Mercer County Elementary School is engaging in Family Math events to support students, families, and teachers. Published February 13, 2012

Kentucky Mathematics Teacher Receives National Recognition: Charles Rutledge, previous Mathematics Intervention Teacher and current mathematics consultant with the Kentucky Department of Education, has been nationally recognized... Published February 2, 2012

The KCM Investment Spreads Across the State: Armed with knowledge, teachers has whole new outlook on math. Published January 19, 2012