Good News 2010 
Mathematics Achievement Intervention Teacher Leaders are Contributing to Great Gains: Schools with a Mathematics Intervention Teacher (MIT) trained and supported by the Kentucky Center for Mathematics are see-ing great success on the Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT). Published December 20, 2010

Coach Adds Depth to Math: Courier Journal article on math coach Missy Cox's efforts at La Grange Elemntary School in Oldham County. Published December 15, 2010

Congratulations Mathematics Education Service and Achievement Award Winners!: Three of the 2010 MESA Award winners have worked with the Kentucky Center for Mathematics and were nominated by members of the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Published November 4, 2010

Good News from Sutton Elementary, Owensboro Public Schools: 98.27% of Sutton Elementary students scored proficient or distinguished on the 2010 Kentucky Core Content Mathematics Test!!! Published October 20, 2010

The KCM and NKU Focus on STEM: SOAR awards 19 renewable scholarships to incoming freshman who declare STEM major at NKU. Published October 6, 2010

Strengthening Students’ Mathematical Foundations: Albany Elementary MIT Tonda Thompson is excited about the positive effects of leading other primary grades teachers at her school to conduct diagnostic interviews and to design numeracy development instruction according to student need. Published September 20, 2010

Kentucky Innovation in Elementary Teacher Preparation: Seven Kentucky universities and the Kentucky Center for Mathematics partner to design an innovative approach to elementary mathematics teaching methods. Published September 7, 2010

Anderson County Early Childhood Center Goes from 9th Percentile to 80th Percentile in One Year!!!: Mathematics Intervention Teacher Suzanne Farmer discusses Anderson County Early Childhood Center's tremendous growth in students’ mathematics achievement. Published August 3, 2010

Kentucky's Primary Grades Mathematics Achievement Intervention Program: Analysis of longitudinal Terra Nova scores reveal that students who received intervention in kindergarten.... Published August 19, 2010

Delving into Differentiation: Belle Rush, MIT at Chandlers Elementary in Logan County created “Delving into Differentiation,” a professional development program to identify student need and provide targeted instruction for developing early numeracy. Published July 15, 2010

Facilitating Teacher Growth for Student Success: KCM services includes training and supporting mathematics intervention teachers, coaches, and adult educators... Published May 19, 2010

KCM Coaches Share Their Expertise at the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference: Ten KCM coaches were among the presenters at this year’s KCTM Conference, which was held at Bourbon County High School in Paris, Kentucky. Published May 19, 2010

Paris Elementary Students Make Astonishing Gains: The students at Paris Elementary in Bourbon County Percent who scored proficient or distinguished on the Kentucky Core Content Test has gone from 38.36% in 2007 to 77.09% in 2009. Published May 19, 2010

Math Club Has Big Impact at Toliver Elementary, Danville Independent Schools: “They enjoy math now, and it’s neat to see them thinking of math as both fun and challenging,” says teacher Julie Roney about her students that attend Math Club. Published May 19, 2010

Mathematics Achievement Fund Recipients Give Back: Kentucky’s force of highly-trained mathematics intervention teachers (MITs) are creating an Intervention Guide and preparing to train and provide ongoing support for classroom teachers. Published April 8, 2010

Why Mathematics: Booklet on the importance of achievement in mathematics to students success in school and career. Published January 27, 2010