eNews March 2013 
New KCM Executive Director     March 22, 2013
We are excited to welcome Dr. Dan McGee, our new Executive Director, who comes to us from the University of Puerto Rico. We look forward to his inspired, enthusiastic leadership, officially beginning July 1, 2013.

What Does Mathematical Fluency Look Like?     March 22, 2013
See the KCM's recent, popular Facebook post (seach Facebook for "Kentucky Center for Mathematics" and "like" us while you're there) with a cartoon graphic challenging educators to reflect on the meaning of fluency for addition and subtraction. And, read a related piece, "Towards Meaning-Driven Foundational Fluency," written by KCM Faculty Associate, Dr. Jonathan Thomas and published in the School Science and Mathematics Journal.

Good News: 2013 KCM Conference a Success!     March 22, 2013
Read this one-page newsletter with conference highlights. Thank you to conference attendees, speakers, vendors, and special invited guests: KY Cabinet Secretary Myer, Northern Kentucky University President Mearns, and Commissioner Holliday, for making this year's conference a success!

2014 KCM Conference Dates and Location     March 22, 2013
The KCM's next annual conference will take place Monday, March 10th - 11th, 2014, at the Hilton Lexington Downtown Hotel. A post-conference day ("Foundational Fluency with Fractions") will be offered March 12. More details will be sent as they become available.

Common Core Standards for Mathematics Progression Pathways     March 22, 2013
At "" from the North Carolina State University College of Education, you can find a comprehensive "hexagonal" progressions map for all K-12 CCS mathematics standards. This progressions map may be helpful to educators thinking about most effective curriculum mapping strategies.

Math Talk Discussion Starters     March 22, 2013
To support students in enacting the Common Core Standard for Mathematical Practice 3, "construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others," you may wish invest $1.50 to acquire a set of these kid-friendly, teacher-created discussion starters. See this link.

Professional Development Offerings     March 22, 2013
The KCM is hard at work pulling together all the details for the upcoming 2013/2014 round of professional learning opportunities. The 2013/2014 program offerings catalog and calendar will be available on the KCM website in early April.

Mathematics Achievement Fund     March 22, 2013
The Kentucky Department of Education has announced continued MAF (Mathematics Achievement Funding) for the 2013/2014 school year at the same amount as 2012/2013. Thanks to all the hard-working MITs (mathematics intervention teachers) and their administrators who are extending the benefits of the MAF through leadership allowing for colleagues to acquire sound foundational fluency development strategies and resources! Please consult Pam Pickens, at the KDE if you have questions about the MAFs.