eNews June 2012 

KCM Leadership Transition     June 27, 2012
Farewell to KCM Executive Director Kirsten Fleming, who is leaving to become Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, University of California at San Bernardino. We are grateful for her inspired leadership over the past 6 years and wish her well. While the transitional KCM leadership plan is being developed, our staff members, as always, are committed to continue striving for excellence in all KCM services, products, and offerings. We are: Alice Gabbard, Senior Director; Cindy LaFreniere, Director; Laura Bristol, Assistant Director; Jill Parker, Assistant Director; Julia Sullivan, Budget Officer; Jennifer Martinez, Administrative Assistant; Jennifer Taylor, Staff Assistant; Pam Reichelderfer, Graduate Assistant Technology Coordinator.


2013 KCM Conference     June 27, 2012
The Kentucky Center for Mathematics will host its next annual conference at the downtown Hilton in Lexington, KY, Monday, February 25th, and Tuesday, February 26th, 2013. A post-conference day will also be offered free for full KCM Community Members, February 27th.


2012/2013 Mathematics Achievement Fund (MAF)     June 27, 2012
As you may know, MAF schools will each continue to receive the same amount for 2012/2013. Samantha Thomas, our MAF Consultant at the KDE, will be leaving July 15 th to become an Educational Recovery Specialist. She is working on finalizing and issuing the 2012/2013 MAF District Assurance by the end of July, which must be signed and returned by schools no later than August 31 st. Be sure to spend all 2011/2012 MAFs by June 30th!


Professional Development     June 27, 2012
Now is a great time to finalize your plans for growing and supporting teacher/your proficiency for developing number knowledge! Visit the KCM Growth Opportunities page for upcoming professional development activities, open to all Kentucky schools. Current offerings, listed here, in all KY regions, include trainings, materials, and ongoing support.

  • The Mathematics Response to Intervention Network for grades 3 & 4, view the flyer.
  • The Kentucky Numeracy Project Intensive Course, view the flyer and the video.
  • Math Recovery Intervention Specialist, view the flyer
  • Tailored district-wide or school-wide programs for P-5 mathematics intervention, contact Alice Gabbard (


Noticing Numeracy Now (N3)     June 27, 2012
The KY post-secondary research team has completed their first year of work funded by the National Science Foundation. This work is aimed at better preparing elementary teachers in the area of mathematics. Presently the group is analyzing recently collected data and designing scale-up endeavors to compete for the next level of program funding to further strengthen teacher preparation programs across the state.


Add+Vantage MR Champion Update Course     June 27, 2012
Add+Vantage MR Champions who wish to renew their certification and receive course updates, including materials for the new days 3 & 4 of AVMR Course 2, may wish to attend the Champion Update Course, January 11 and 12, 2013 in Richmond, KY. The cost will be $500 per participant, but those who attended the summer 2012 Champion Course in Nashville may attend the Kentucky Champion Update Course for free. Look for more information from the US Math Recovery Council in July.


The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU)     June 27, 2012
The KCM, in May, presented a three-part webinar series for mathematics educators at institutions associated with AIKCU. This webinar series highlighted statewide endeavors (e.g., The N3 project and The Kentucky Numeracy Project) that are based on current research and have the potential to inform teacher preparation in the area of mathematics.


Kentucky Numeracy Project (KNP) Innovations     June 27, 2012
Programmers are working hard to, by the end of July, convert the KNP Intervention Guide Spreadsheet into a free, tablet-friendly database that can be searched by standard, fluency benchmark, task group, setting, or Add+Vantage MR Level. Phase 2 will follow with programming for inputting and tracking student success on the fluency assessments.


National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Journal Article     June 27, 2012
Northern Kentucky University faculty member, Sara Eisenhardt, and KCM faculty associate, Jonathan Thomas, published an article that appeared in the spring issue of the Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership. This article documents, in detail, the considerable successes of the KCM primary mathematics intervention program and provides evidence in support of sustained and well-coordinated statewide professional development initiatives. Full citation: Eisenhardt, S. & Thomas, J. (2012). The Mathematical Power of a Dynamic Professional Development Initiative: A Case Study. Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership, 14, 28-36.