eNews Feburary 2013 
2013 KCM Conference--Reasoning for Readiness!     February 1, 2013
The KCM is thrilled to announce the 2013 KCM Conference featured speakers and provide for you their presentation abstracts. The conference will be held in Lexington, February 25 and 26. Registration will remain open until February 13th or until capacity is reached. See the KCM Conference website for registration information and other details. .

2013 KCM Community Post-Conference Day     February 1, 2013
Highly-trained mathematics intervention teachers, who are also full members of the KCM Community, are invited to expand their knowledge and gain new strategies for Building Foundations for Fluent Multiplication and Divison as we meet in Lexington, February 27, 2013 to continue the journey for assessing and advancing number knowledge. See the flyer for further details. Those who are planning to attend will need to complete a separate registration for this day only. For conference registration, see the previous item.

The Benefits of KY's Mathematics Achievement Fund Spread Even Further!     February 1, 2013
KCM has created "Enacting Effective Response to Intervention Math Circles," with the support of the Kentucky Department of Education, where 27 of our highly-trained numeracy development experts from schools receiving General Assembly generated Mathematics Achievement Funds are leading 25 math circles for primary grades teachers across the state. Through 3.5 days and six hours of support meetings held throughout January to April, 275 additional Kentucky primary grades teachers are gaining knowledge and skills to more effectively assess and advance the numeray foundations necessary for later student success.

Good News: Is It Too Late for Fifth Graders to Acquire Necessary Numeracy Foundations?     February 1, 2013
Not so, according to teachers from Lawler Elementary, Grayson County Schools. The new CCSS for mathematics contain higher expectations for all students. Fifth grade, in particular, is a place where lack of foundational number knowledge creates a major obstacle to mathematics proficiency. Find out what teachers at an elementary school in Grayson County had to say about setting fifth graders on a path to improved mathematical performance. See the attached article.

KCM Early Mathematics Intervention Programs May Improve Workforce     February 1, 2013
Reported in Science Daily: "One in five adults in the United States lacks the math competency expected of an eighth grader, according to the United States Center for Educational Statistics. University of Missouri researchers identified how a lack of a specific math skill ("number system knowledge") in first grade correlated to lower scores on a seventh grade math test used to determine employability and wages in adults. Intervention programs designed to overcome this early math deficiency could prepare students for later employment, help them make wiser economic choices and improve the future U.S. workforce." Read more.

KCM Fluency Assessment System     February 1, 2013
Whereas the development of early number knowledge (see previous article) is critical for future success, the KCM is creating fluency assessments a teacher can use to determine and advance students' understanding of and skill with number and operations. MITs (Mathematics Intervention Teachers) at schools receiving Kentucky General Assembly generated Mathematics Achievement Funds are currently piloting the assessments in grades K-3. Early reports from teachers indicate the assessments are useful for finding and addressing gaps. The data collected from the MITs will be analyzed to determine the reliability and validity of the assessments. Thanks to all the MITs who are giving valuable feedback for improvement. The Fluency Assessments will ultimately and improved online interface and link to appropriate learning experiences in the KY Numeracy Project Intervention Guide!

Free Kid-Friendly Posters for the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice     February 1, 2013
Good common resources for the Common Core--thanks to the Jordan School District in Utah for providing these awesome posters illustrating the Standards for Mathematical Practice. These can be used to effectively educate students about the essential practices in which all successful mathematicians must engage. The Kentucky Numeracy Project featured on Fox News     February 1, 2013
See two Fox19 news videos featuring one of the KCM’s innovative initiatives, the Kentucky Numeracy Project. Story 1 is about KCM's Kentucky Numeracy Project resources helping teachers and young students. Story 2 is about KCM's partnership with Northern Kentucky University's Center for Applied Informatics involving college students in helping teachers and young students

KCM Receives Corporate Gift from AT&T     February 1, 2013
AT&T, the KCM's first corporate partner, has provided the KCM with a generous gift of $20,000. The funding will allow the KCM to establish an innovative, technology-rich high school math club at five locations around Kentucky. See the press release.

Two New KCM Middle Grades Program Launched during January     February 1, 2013
  • The Middle Grades Content-Focused Coaching Program (created and delivered by Metamorphosis) held in Berea engaged twenty middle grades math coaches from ten school districts in three days of lesson study, live coaching and live, differentiated classroom instruction. Content-focused coaching is an effective school improvement support strategy that changes cultures, affects student learning and improves teaching practices. Content-focused coaching is grounded in current research and clinical knowledge on leadership and schools as professional communities of practice. The coaches will attend three additional days in April and are already asking for extended learning opportunities!
  • Improving Mathematics Learning for Students with Disabilities: Algebraic Thinking, Expressions and Equations ( created by the Educational Development Corporation and delivered by trained KCM leaders) has involved 25 pairs of middle grades teachers, both mathematics and special education, in three locations (Hart County, Bowling Green, Lexington) for one day of learning focused on mathematical pedagogical content knowledge and accommodation for special needs. The sessions were led by a mathematics education specialist and a special educator, in order to bring and nurture perspectives from teachers with different types of expertise. Participants will experience sustained learning during one additional day in February and one in March, with opportunities for job-embedded implementation between sessions.