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Math Solutions, Marilyn Burns website

Free math and literature lessons posted on the Marilyn Burns' website. Posted April 8, 2011

Living Math website

Links to math and literature books arranged by mathematics concepts. Posted April 8, 2011

ETA Cuisenaire website

Variety of math resources and manipulatives.  Request a free catalog. Posted April 8, 2011

ETA Education website

Browse math and literature titles online.  Request a free catalog, they have a variety of math resources and manipulatives. Posted April 8, 2011

Really Good Stuff website

Variety of 100th day of school activities and books. Posted April 8, 2011

Capstone Press website

hardcover, library bound and guaranteed for life books. Posted April 8, 2011

Scholastic website

Order books anytime you would like, not just when they are in the monthly order. Posted April 8, 2011

Math Concepts and Reading website

Education World takes a look at three books that connect math concepts and reading. Included are books that help teach the concepts of big numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Posted November 9, 2009

S.M.A.R.T. Books website

Supporting Mathematics and Reading Through Books, from Kansas State University. Searchable by grade level or mathematics strand. Posted November 9, 2009

Read Any Good Math Lately? website

By Holly Furgason Posted November 9, 2009

Math Readers website

Living Math Books Posted November 9, 2009

Math in Children's Literature website

Nancy Padak, Ohio Literacy Resource Center, Kent State University Posted November 9, 2009

From PBS Parents website

A list that includes books with math concepts that parents and children can read and talk about together. Posted November 9, 2009

Math Teacher Book List document

A list of books created for math teachers in Mayfield Elementary and Kenwood Elementary. Posted November 9, 2009